Music for a farewell

John Hoevenaars provides live music at a funeral, funeral or coffee table.
He plays keys, accordion, saxophone and sings a popularĀ repertoire.
The music choice is completely in consultation with and according to the wishes of the family.

Watch the video clip of Jenas’ first Dutch single: ‘Where are you?’

In the video below you will find some songs from my repertoire.

The price depends on the location and distance and not on the number of songs.
If the location and time permit, it is possible to come up with a built-in grand piano.

During the funeral, John will bring his own (compact and high-quality) equipment.
Linking through an external sound system (e.g. from the funeral home) is also possible.

What to do:
You or the funeral director will contact you and the details will then be discussed with you.
If the distance falls within the region*, John will come to your home.
If the distance is too great, then the number choice can be discussed by phone or email.

* region = all locations within a radius of 25 km around Hamont-Achel (Belgium).

Via thist contactform or call
from NL +32 11 621862
from B +31 6 42136094