Awareness (with voice guidance)

This unique album AWARENESS with meditation and relaxation music includes 9 beautiful compositions.
Let yourself be carried away with the deeply relaxing voice guidance of Ludgardina Stavast.
This album is wonderful to listen to, relaxing, relaxed and meditative.

“This album is about becoming aware of your inner world; only then does your transformation begin.”

spiritual music CD Awareness (with voice guidance) - Jenas

English spoken.
– Very usable for spiritual coaches.
– Ideally suited as background music for a wide application.
– Consider use in: meditation, yoga, massage, wellness, exhibitions, beauty salons etc.
– Also during the dying process, vigil or funeral this music can have a healing effect.

Totale time: 57:06

  1. Trust Yourself
  2. There Is A Reason
  3. Listen Carefully
  4. Look At The Signs
  5. Awareness
  6. Follow Your Heart
  7. Make It Happen
  8. Feel The Joy
  9. Thank Your Guide