John Hoevenaars alias Jenas, is aware from an early age that music will play an important role in his life. Touching people with music is a thought that has been playing in his young life.

In the mid-seventies of the last century, the electronic organ is an entry point for playing music. Later the saxophone, accordion, keyboards, pianos and even singing are making their entries.

After a professional study, part of his professional life takes place in teaching others.
But the urge to make music himself is just as great. Gaining stage experience is therefore desirable.

Besides teaching, books with sheet music are made. You can find these sheet music editions on the Mega Pop website.
All other activities of John Hoevenaars can be found here.

A new musical discovery takes place when he discovers that creating meditative music is also within his means. And not without merit. Numerous albums have since been released.
Because the music industry has opened up worldwide via streaming, the audience has become global.

Discover the meditative music of Jenas Music and experience what it does to you.